Second Day


          On my second day at the museum I spent my time cataloging. I cataloged several photographs and am starting to feel comfortable using the program PastPerfect. While cataloging I really enjoyed examining the photographs and doing my own research in trying to hunt down and find out as much about the photographs as I could to find their own historical significance in the database. Also as I am cataloging, I am hands on learning about photography and how photographs are subject to water damage, silvering, mold and other types of damage over time

.While doing my own research outside of the museum, I began looking at current museum website trends and innovative online projects. I first stumbled upon The United States Holocaust Museum ( The layout of their website is very minimalistic but offers visitors a lot of resources and information. Their headline article is about The World Memory Project. The World Memory Project turns visitors into archivist as they are able to put their own photographs and artifacts online into The World Memory Project database. Here, people everywhere can access the database and find information that has been unseen in the public eye. After transferring over to the World Memory Project website ( I found out that so far this project has been a success and over three thousand people have contributed information into the database. Another thing that caught my eye on was their connect page. They dedicated a whole web page to how visitors can stay connected to the museum online. They offered various social media sites they are on. What struck me most is how they even have a presence online in the online game Second Life. I was taken aback because before I had never heard of a museum going into the virtual word of video games. Even though at first this concept seemed “out there”, it also showed off its innovation and how education can reach anyone, anywhere. Also out of all the museum websites I visited, The United States Holocaust Museum had a very impressive online virtual exhibition which was very user friendly.

Other museum websites I visited had a lot of technological innovation and I started to make connections to the book Letting Go?: Sharing Historical Authority in a User-Generated World. As my research continues I am looking forward to find more websites and programs museums are offering online.

Video about the World Memory Project:

Links to websites visited:


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