Sixth Day



Cataloging at the museum continues on. As the days of using PastPerfect continues I keep becoming more comfortable with the program. Today I worked with photographs that were vague. Most of the photographs didn’t have any clues or identification of a certain location. This made the process go by a little slower as my drive for solving the mystery within the photographs lead me to many lose ends.

Outside of the museum I thought it might be interesting to learn more about the right care for photographs. This led me to the Connecting to Collections website ( that offers multiple articles and resources. I stumbled upon different articles that went in depth into the care, storage, digitization, condition, etc. all on film. It also offered resources and different information on all of the different types of film used over the years. As I was reading I was making connections to certain things I was seeing while I am cataloging. Also it made me realize how important temperature and other light conditions can either keep its integrity or let it fall to the times and age and deteriorate. Also I checked out to look to see if there were some videos about photograph preservation. To my surprise I found a lot of videos on the subject. After looking through some I discovered that many museums have been posting videos (like the one below) on how to preserve photographs. Some museums and professionals took it a step further and posted webinars about photograph preservation on

As my research picks up sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the different websites and articles I have viewed. To help me with this I turned to the website Delicious is a website where I can store all the links I visit online. Here I have been keeping track of the webpages I visit and try to organize them into different categories. As my research continues I have realized that this website has become a very vital tool.

Video On How To Preserve Photos:

Links to Websites Visited:,-care,-and-duplication


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