Fourth Day


On my third day at the museum I spent my time cataloging photographs on PastPerfect. Now, after doing more extensive research on using PastPerfect and with hands on experience with the program, I feel very comfortable using the program.  I am also really enjoying examining the photographs and the research involved in the process.  As I am examining the photographs, I am beginning to look for the small details a picture can have and how just one little detail can go far in identifying the location or purpose of creation.

I continued my outside research by first looking at the museum of the White Mountains homepage. During my time at the museum Lindsay told me to look into The Cairn, the social networking website made to collaborate with the museum and be there as a place where visitors can post and share their own photographs and experiences online. She told me to examine the website and point out some ways the website could enhance popularity and streamline efficiencies.  At first glance the website looks very updated and organized. The biggest draw on the homepage was the Featured Item photograph that I clicked. As I read about the Featured Item, my interest had turned quickly into something else. It started off good with an enlarged version of the photograph and description. As I kept scrolling down the page I noticed limited information about the photograph.  A description, author, source, date, collection, tags, citation and geolocation information was provided but nothing else. By adding a like button, or comment section, it would turn the page from one with just basic information into one where people get to discuss and pick and choose its level of importance. By adding a like button, the visitor would be able to click on their favorites and check back to see what the general population of the website feels are the best photographs.  By adding a comment section, it could draw interest in to participate and look back again to see where the discussion on a certain photograph is going. One part of the website I liked was how you could search for a photograph by tags. This made searching a lot easier as I could choose what term or location to pick. Another spot I liked was the map page that brought up a map with marked locations on it. I thought this element was a simple but creative one to add and showcase some of the great locations within the White Mountains.

I felt that there could be a possibility of adding a way to make this page more interactive with the visitor. Overall, The Cairn is a website with an abundant amount of potential if some changes to the site can be made to make it more interactive and fun amongst its site visitors. 

Links to Sites Visited:


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