Seventh Day


Cataloging continues at the museum. Every day I am becoming more comfortable with using PastPerfect. Today, I started to re-catalog some items that have already been put into the database. Here, I was re-examining the photographs and added additional information. One of the problems I discovered was trying to identify and add details to the photographs that were mostly portraits or landscape photos.

I turned to Google and searched museums and social media. What I found I wasn’t expecting. I found so many articles on the subject I didn’t know where to start. Articles from The New York Times to flooded my laptop with information on different types of museums, social media and what initiatives were working. As I kept searching I kept finding more articles. As I knew I wouldn’t remember all the links I made a category on my delicious page of all the links I found that might be informational for this internship. Even though I have not read them all, I will continue to examine and review these articles throughout my research.

Youtube again came into play as a good search engine resource as I found many different videos on the topic. I even found some on subjects I didn’t think of before. For example I stumbled across a video on using mobile technology and museum studies. It struck me as different and innovated as it took museums turning to the web to the next level and how they can even reach people and interacting mobile technology. They explained how the use of apps and capturing videos can become a use to the museums as they can allow people to make, document and share their visit to the museum by their cell phone. This could then allow visitors to share their experiences which could create a better experience and get visitors to return.

After looking at some of the videos this lead me back to the Connecting to Collections page. Here I found webinars on Museums and Social Media that sounded pretty interesting. So far I have listened to half of the Promoting Preservation: Utilizing New Media webinar and continue to watch more on these topics.

Video on Mobile Technology and Museums:


Links to Websites Visited:


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