Eighth Day

After research into museums using social media as a tool, I have come up with an idea that the Museum of the White Mountains could do that would collaborate with their upcoming exhibition Beyond Granite. While researching I have found out how important social media can be to a museum. By having an active presence online, museums can interact with their visitors and local community. It can expand knowledge and ideas not only to the visitor but also to museum professionals. With the upcoming Beyond Granite exhibition having a focus on recreation, my project for this semester is to go out and meet with students at P.S.U. and interview them about what the White Mountains means to them. With this information I can turn this project into an interactive blog where visitors can see interviews, photographs, etc. from Plymouth State students. To start off I shall gather some questions I could ask them about their experiences. This part might be hard for me as I have never really experienced hiking or recreation in the White Mountains. To tackle this problem I will do some research into the different recreations of the White Mountains as well as researching the latest technologies people are using during hikes, recreational activities, etc. My next step would be to find students to interview and be a part of this project. Here I will turn to the Outdoors Club, Outdoor Center, and some Adventure Education Majors. From here I could take the information I have gathered to create the blog. Along the way I will continue to do research into different ways I could display this information online to make the project interactive as well as informational.


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