Eleventh Day

As my research continues I thought of other elements I could possibly add to this project. As I am starting to develop some interview questions I pondered on what else I should include in the future interactive blog instead of just photographs and interview answers. First thing that came to mind was adding some sort of media like video of audio, however this would prove very difficult as audio or music wouldn’t fit in with the subject matter. The next debate was adding video. I know how it would be extremely interesting for viewers to see some kind of video as it is more in depth than just a photograph. For now I will keep this idea on hold. After being stumped I turned to the book Letting Go? to see if I could get some inspiration. To my surprise I didn’t even have to read an article to get inspiration all I only had to read was the word artist. After I saw this, immediately I had an interesting idea. Here at PSU we have a very good art department. My idea would be to possibly ask some of the art students here at PSU if they would like to do some sort of interesting artistic art work about the White Mountains and try to fit it within the blog. This could be an interesting aspect to add as there are endless possibilities to what artist can come up with and some might fit in just great with this project. For now this is just an idea that I could possibly explore more in depth into as my research continues.

Next I turned my research in a different direction and began to look again at museum websites to see what types of social media outlets they are using and what is successful. One mobile app that I discovered a lot of museums are starting to use is Instagram. Instagram is an app that anybody with a smartphone can download to their phone and start sharing photos. It also has tags which opens up photos to more viewers as Instagram users can search photos by tags. http://nitrogr.am/blog/30-museums-on-instagram/ is a blog that I discovered that list the top thirty museums that are active on Instagram. As I kept reading on I discovered how Instagram shows visitors a look inside the museum and behind the scenes of the museum which has shown to draw in visitors. Below is a list of other articles I read and a video on Museums using Instagram.

Short Video on Instagram and Museums:


Links to sites visited:






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