Ninth Day

As my research goes on I keep going back to the book Letting Go? To gather some information on what museums and other historical projects are doing on Web 2.0. One of the articles that stood out to me was the article Listening Intently: Can StoryCorps Teach Museums How to Win the Hearts of Audiences? By Benjamin Filene. In the article Filene goes on to describe fully what StoryCorps is. As a reader I had no real knowledge of StoryCorps. As I kept reading on I learned that StoryCorps is a radio show that is broadcast throughout the United States. In the show they tell the story of everyday Americans through interviews. All of the interviews gets archived and some make it onto the broadcast. After StoryCorps kicked off it became an instant hit. Filene then goes on to discuss if this method of story-telling is good and if it would work in a museum setting. After reading this article I brainstormed on the same idea. Overall I think hearing people’s stories is an interesting aspect that could get explored more in a museum setting.

Also the article Public Curation: From Trend to Research-Based Practice by Tom Satwicz and Kris Morrissey gave me tons of information on how Web 2.0 projects as well as Public Curation has become serious research topics that go beyond just being a trend and is now something that a majority of museums are trying. In this article it also mentioned the website is a website that has articles about different projects museums and other educational outlets are doing as well as evaluations on the projects. Here I found tons of information on projects museums were doing that involved the internet, facilitated learning and even video games. As there is so many projects to go through I will continue to revisit this site to learn more about some of the projects that are going on around the country that museums are doing.


Links to Sites Visited:


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