Tenth Day

As my knowledge for hiking and recreational activities in the White Mountains is limited I felt like today I should gather some knowledge on this subject. As I will soon be interviewing PSU students on this subject I felt that I really needed at least some background knowledge. To start off I did a basic Google search on “Hiking in the White Mountains”. This search termed ended up being very valuable as I found tons of websites. The first site I stumbled upon was http://www.visitwhitemountains.com/. This site turned out to be extremely valuable. From hiking trails to ATV tours this site offered valuable information on the main attractions and trails within the White Mountains. This gave me knowledge on what the trails in the White Mountains are like and also how there are different recreational activities at different skill levels for everyone. Next site I visited was http://www.outdoors.org/. Here I received a ton of information on easy to experience level hiking, biking, and canoeing. After reading about all of these trails in NH I wanted to see what the trails and experience where like. Here I turned yet again to YouTube. Not to my surprise I found loads of hiking videos as well as other recreational videos on YouTube. From here I will continue to do more research into recreation in the White Mountains as well as starting to develop interview questions.

Short Video on White Mountain National Forest:

Links to sites visited:







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