Thirteenth Day

With many museums using Omeka as mostly a site to display exhibits, I began to look at the different plugins the museum could add to the Cairn. Omeka offers an entire page devoted to plugins that can be used on Omeka sites. The latest one was Exhibit Builder 3.0, which offers administrators of Omeka sites to create exhibits easier than before. The tricky part was that many of the plugins are divided, some can be used on 1.0 websites only while others can only be used with version 2.0. With the Cairn being an older version it is limited to how it could change. However by updating the museum website it would have to get rid of the Contribute page which is one of the main points of the Cairn.

One of the interesting things about all of this is trying to figure out what is best to do with these projects that are innovated but have a hard time getting started with visitors. Many of the Cairn’s original main idea was to create a space for visitors to come and share their experiences and make connections to exhibits at the MWM. Instagram can take this idea and elevate it by allowing followers to tag their own pictures to share with the MWM Instagram page but also offers glimpses into the museum. By showing paintings, photographs, and artifacts the museum can show followers what the museum has to offer and spark interest to come in among followers. Another plus to Instagram is that is user base is already huge with over 200 million active users a month.

However with that many active users a month the question comes up is how to stay different than other museums that are on Instagram? Also how to promote it comes up as a discussion. One of ways this could happen is by using the kiosk that is accessible to visitors. If the kiosk was to display the museums Instagram’s page, or if the museum sticks with the Cairn, that too could be put on display at the kiosk. The kiosk could be a great promotional tool for either site but the question comes up is how to make visitors stop by and see the kiosk and look at it rather than just going past it. This might be the hardest cause you have to try to make it cool enough for people to be interested in it. Another way it could spread is by using Facebook. With using another social media site we can display and share either the new Instagram page or reintroduce to them the Cairn again and see if it sparks interest. Using Facebook and other sites show how social media can be really good as a free promotional source.


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