Twelfth Day

Going back to the museum after spring vacation, it was awesome to see the museum transform from one exhibit to the next. Going through the new exhibit, it showed a different side to the White Mountains, a more rugged view of the White Mountains and how it is a recreational magnet for hikers and recreationalist from around the country. It made me see the transition, and how museums can change from one focus to the next and offer diversity within its main subject matter.

How to promote and spark interest in the exhibit is a subject that is being discussed right now. Trying to come up with innovative ideas for participatory projects are harder than it seems in books and articles I have been reading. Often ideas are tossed around but the hard part is trying to find one that fits with the museum and the direction the museum is going. As Plymouth is located at the start of the White Mountains, it offers tourist a glimpse into the history of the area they are about to enter and see all that it had and currently has to offer. How to bring them into the doors and feel they can participate within the museum and the White Mountains, is also something that is being discussed.

One of the questions that has been brought up is what to do with the Cairn, and what will its involvement be in the next upcoming exhibit. With low users, the idea has come up on updating the Cairn by changing the titles of some confusing web pages and improving the tags and collection system, as searching for certain pictures at the moment is a little confusing. To start off I began looking at other sites that use the web publishing site Omeka. Omeka is known for publishing websites for museums, and libraries to offer access to educational information and exhibits. The first site I went to was The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women. Immediately that jumped out at me was the Twitter widget it had on its homepage. The widget featured the center’s latest tweets, letting visitors known its upcoming events, as well as other things that are going on with the museum as also showing how this information can be easily accessed on. A widget like this could be very useful on the Cairn as users could get connected more to the museum online then they could before. A major component that was observed was that there was no contribute section and instead was mostly focused on exhibits and primary sources than anything else. This was also noted as I visited multiple other Omeka sites. After viewing these sites, I’ve observed that maybe changing the Cairn to a more exhibit focused site could bring more visitors and offer small exhibits on items within the museum that often get over looked. After cataloging a lot of photographs and seeing artifacts held within the museum offer stories which can be unrelated to the current exhibit but also offer different stories that make up the history of the White Mountains.


Screenshot of The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women

Screenshot (10)



Sites Visited:


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