Fifteen Day

For the museum I created an Instagram page for them.  It was harder at first than originally thought since Instagram is widely only used as a mobile application. This limits what you can do online and pictures may only be uploaded by using a smartphone. To try to figure out what to put on there I began to look at what other museums were putting on their Instagram accounts. A lot of the times museums posted objects or paintings that are now being displayed in their current exhibits. This is a good way to advertise their exhibit as their followers can get a glimpse into what kind of interesting artifacts they could see at the museum. Often they would post other pictures of special events they had. By knowing that the MWM deals a great deal with outdoor recreation I began to look at other Instagram pages devoted to this topic. One of the ones I stumped across was the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Instagram. Their Instagram didn’t have a lot of activity, although it did offer a great deal of outdoor scenic photos and group photos. After looking through some more I found out that a great deal of museums also post photos of pictures or artifacts they have which are currently not being displayed.

Overall through this small researching I have found that to keep people interest you not only have to follow the themes of the museum but to also offer diversity in postings. By showing pictures from the exhibit, and others located within the museum we could show not only pictures of the Mountains but we could tell the stories and culture of the White Mountains. Another thing that was noticed is how active these museums are. By being so active they are showing their audience more about their museum it also shows how a museum could have a lot of events and things going on. By displaying a range of photos and staying active the museum could not only bring in more people it could educate people through photos and snip bits of information that could want them to learn more. The more I research the more I realize how important it is to try to come up with content or an activity that sparks interest to the public.

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