Eighteenth Day

Today I began looking up different contest that museums or other institutions around New Hampshire or Outdoor clubs were doing online. With the potential participatory project involving the “I Love the White Mountains” potentially coming up I thought it would be good to look up and find out what other museums were giving away as prizes. The first one I stumbled across was the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Photo Contest. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum was doing a photo contest on landscapes. The contest was opened up to anybody and the prizes would be cash prizes along with several books, and recognition. Another museum that was Chicago History Museum. The contest was regarding their next exhibit and visitors could upload their pictures in several different ways, by entering it in by mail, Facebook or email. A cool thing also about this contest was that they could also vote for the photos they liked the most posted by others users via mail, Facebook or email.

Two other contests that I saw that were intriguing were an outdoor photographer contest and the Meredith Village Saving Bank contest. The outdoor photographer contest is called the great Outdoors Photo Contest and is posted by outdoorphotgrapher.com. For this contest, participants can go out anywhere and shoot a scenic view of their choice and submit it. The coolest thing about this contest is its prizes. It was really created for anyone who is a fan of the outdoors as most of its first, second and third place prizes are not only publication prizes but prizes involving gear that they could use on their next adventure into the wilderness as prizes include camera and recreational outdoors gear. The Meredith Village Saving Bank contest also struck me as different. The banks members were asked to go out and take scenic pictures to enter to win. A cash prize would go to the winner and also would be used in one of their upcoming calendars. How they were going to integrate the picture into a calendar I thought was a great idea. Using the calendar as a prize is very cool, all of a sudden I thought of what a calendar of the White Mountains would be like if it was compiled of various people’s different photographs. It would be a neat thing to not only show off but it would be something that was created together by a community. I began to think of somehow the museum could integrate any of these prize ideas into the project we are thinking about starting. Also I began to not only think of ideas on prizes I began to think about what the museum could possible do or showcase the photos we received through the contest. By creating possibly prizes that resembled the Great Outdoors contest we could create prizes that are interesting to potential participants as they would complement the contest as being prizes that the participants can then go use again in the White Mountains. By using these photos within the museum we could showcase them some part of the museum that would also interest users. By creating something that could be a part of the exhibit or showcase inside the museum it would let the visitors know how came into the museum that this would be one where they could not only actively participate it would be one that would share its projects and ideas linking the community together.


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