Twentieth Day

Today I continued cataloging more songbooks and magazines. One of the magazines I began to catalog was the Picturesque America books. The Picturesque America books caught my eye. In the Picturesque America subscription volumes it mentions different natural regions and landscape in America. Throughout the volumes there are several different illustrations of the regions mentioned. In one of the books I was cataloging it had a whole section on the White Mountains. I began to read what it said about all the different spots within the White Mountains. It was interesting learning about the region from the point of view of people from the past. It was also very interesting to see the changes made to this region in the past hundred past plus years. However the condition on this Picturesque America books weren’t in the best of shape. Even carefully holding them the binding on these volumes are very weak.

As I have done many times this semester I went to Connecting to Collections. (  to look up different ways to preserve books or other paper based artifacts. First thing was mention was how books or paper based artifacts should be placed in protected places like boxes or plastic sleeves. Also I learned that temperature and humidity have a huge role in the preservation process. If the temperature of humidity was too high it would be very bad for a lot of different artifacts. In one of the articles I read titled Cleaning Books and Documents it talked about the different techniques and equipment to use to clean paper based artifacts. Some equipment that can be used to clean artifacts are natural bristle brushes, low suction vacuum cleaners, cloths and dusters. Also it was stated how the places where collections are held should also be cleaned to ensure that the artifacts remain safe.

Next I again turned to to see if there were any videos about proper care for paper based artifacts. I found a video entitled Care & Handling of Rare Books, Paper, Manuscripts, Photographs and Archives. In the video David Ashman the Preservation Manager and Book Conservator at the Auckland Libraries. Again it was mention how light and temperature plays a major role. Also in the video he mentions how insects can vastly damage paper. He states how in addition it is important to wear proper gloves when dealing with very old or damaged documents.

Preserving old paper based artifacts is very important as they shed light into a past that without its survival could be lost. In addition to these techniques a very good way to preserve these artifacts the most would be to make digital copies for online use.

Sites Visited:


Video on Preserving Books, Paper, etc.


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