Twenty-first Day

Today I continued cataloging more magazines. The magazines I began to catalog were the Northern New Hampshire Magazines. I thought the different issues of the magazine were very interesting. Through the articles the magazine was displaying a culture and events that happen within the White Mountains. I was immediately intrigued and found myself reading bits of the articles within the magazines. It opened my eyes to this region, its history and the stories that really bring this region to life. Growing up in southern New Hampshire and always vacationing in Maine I was never really conscious of the White Mountains or northern New Hampshire. After taking the class New Hampshire and New England History and through this internship I have learned a lot more information on this region so close but foreign to me that I have grown to have an interest in. In looking through these magazines I wanted to do some more research on the magazine.

I started by doing a basic search online for the magazine. However this search didn’t really turn up with anything. Based off of the knowledge that I hadn’t heard of the magazine before this I thought that it was probably out of business. But I didn’t let this stop my search on what happened to it. At first I found one website for the magazine however it was in a set up more like a blog and I had a feeling it wasn’t really a website made for the magazine. With this search coming up empty I began to search again. I remembered the publisher was Jordan Associates.

For my new search I looked up Northern New Hampshire Magazine and Jordan Associates. This search was much more valuable as it lead me two the Colebrook Chronicle Newspaper website and an article about the Colebrook Chronicle. The Colebrook Chronicle was started by Charles and Donna Jordan who were the same people who were publisher and editor of Northern New Hampshire. In the about section online it stated how they once published Northern New Hampshire magazine. With more research I found an article about the Newspaper. In the article it was stating how they have a good presence online and how many the internet has affected newspapers. I thought this correlated very well with my research this semester. It displayed how the internet is affecting every kind of business, culture or news media.

After researching the magazine and the Colebrook Chronicle I realize the significance both have to this region and will continue to offer to this region. These newspapers offer the blend of the White Mountain culture in a way for both outsiders and insiders to view as well as promotes regional pride. Also it made see how magazines could be used in a museum. Museums can use magazines to show culture events that happened in the past. Also they are a good way to look at the past and see what the culture was like and what the people were interested in or valued.



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