Last Day

Today was my last day interning at the museum. For my last day I continued to catalog Northern New Hampshire Magazines. Overall I really enjoyed my time at the museum. I feel like I learned a lot in my experience here at the Museum of the White Mountains. When I first came here I knew very little about museums. Now I feel like I have a solid foundation on cataloging for museums, and how museums push to strive for a presence online. Mostly I enjoyed my research into how museums are presentencing themselves, promoting themselves and creating a presence in the online community. Through my research it has been recognized that creating a strong presence online offers museums with an opportunity they didn’t have before. In my paper that I will be completing this semester for my internship I will go more into this topic and give my conclusion on the research I have conducted. I think this internship was very valuable for me. It showed me potential job options for the future I could explore into and gave me good work experience for any job in my future. I thank Lindsay Bolduc and everyone at the museum for all they have taught me and for letting me have this great opportunity.



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